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DSA Specialization and Beyond

At Colorful Sports, we go beyond conventional education. We are not just a sports training institution; we are a community that inspires every child in Singapore to discover their potential and excel in life.

Our vision is to become a globally recognized sports training institution, centered in Singapore, spreading joy, passion, and excellence in sports education worldwide.


Your Child's Pathway to Elite Schools

Navigating the competitive landscape of Singapore's education system can be challenging, but with our Direct School Admission (DSA) program, we provide a shortcut to prestigious schools.


We specialize in sports, particularly martial arts and gymnastics, offering professional guidance to help students showcase their unique talents and gain admission to top schools.

Who Can Apply for DSA?


Exceptional Non-Academic Talents:

Whether it's sports, art, music, or other domains, if your child showcases remarkable skills and can distinguish themselves in a specific area, the DSA program is tailor-made for them.


Academically Proficient Students with Subject Expertise:

Even if your child's overall academic performance is moderate, excelling in a specific subject such as mathematics, science, or language can qualify them for the DSA program.

Diverse Specialties Available:

  • Sports, Martial Arts, and Games

  • Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts

  • Debating and Public Speaking

  • Science, Mathematics, and Engineering

  • Languages and Humanities

  • Uniform Groups

  • Leadership Force


Colorful Sports Achievements


In 2023, Colorful Sports students achieved remarkable success, winning over 30 gold medals in national-level competitions. This not only highlights the exceptional performance of our students but also underscores the professional expertise and teaching quality of our coaching team.

DSA Successful application

Martial Arts at Colorful Sports

Our collaboration with the Ministry of Education allows students to apply for secondary schools based on their expertise in martial arts. With a coaching team boasting over 30 years of rich experience, including being head coaches of the Singapore national team and China's national martial arts champions, we ensure students can demonstrate their accomplishments and skills for DSA admission.

Our Coaches

Our coaching team comprises graduates from the National Sports University with profound academic backgrounds and professional knowledge in martial arts.


Having served as national-level referees and achieved first-level martial arts referee qualifications in China, our coaches bring a deep understanding and inheritance of martial arts culture.


Martial Arts Course 

Embark on a journey through our progressive martial arts program:

  • Basic Martial Arts Course:

    • Master foundational principles and postures.

  • Elementary Martial Arts Course:

    • Learn complex and efficient moves and techniques.

  • Intermediate Martial Arts Course:

    • Focus on overall skill improvement and physical fitness.

  • Advanced Martial Arts Course:

    • Delve into profound internal strength training and martial arts philosophy.

Gymnastics and More

Apart from martial arts, Colorful Sports offers a diverse range of courses:

  • Gymnastics Class:

    • Develop flexibility, coordination, and strength while fostering confidence and teamwork skills.

  • Children’s Basic Physical Fitness Course:

    • Enhance physical fitness, coordination, and flexibility through interactive activities, games, and challenges.


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Ready to embark on this exciting journey with Colorful Sports?  Don't miss the chance to give your child the opportunity to directly enter a prestigious school through our DSA program.

At Colorful Sports, we don't just train athletes; we cultivate champions. Join us in unlocking your child's potential today!

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